Game Development

I have always loved coding. There’s just something about it that feels so rewarding – maybe the fact that you’re solving a series of puzzles to get to the end result – I’m not sure. Here is a collection of games that I’ve produced for university, game jams and personal projects. I hope you enjoy playing with them as much as I enjoyed making them!

Personal Projects

The Ochre Embargo

My final year project for university involved creating a small browser-based MMO using JavaScript.
Set during the Age of Sail, you play as a merchant vessel delivering cargo between trading ports. It sounds easy, but travelling those open seas can be treacherous if you aren’t well equipped. Watch out for storms, whirlpools, and don’t forget those plundering pirates!

Echoes of the Dungeon

I took part in a student-led game jam at my University. The theme was 'repetition'.
You awaken in a dungeon with nothing but a sword. With each defeat, part of your soul lingers; your actions frozen in time. Work with the ghosts of your past selves to solve puzzles and unravel the secrets of the depths below!

LD43: A Fifteen Year Voyage From Mars

My entry for Ludum Dare 43. The theme was 'Sacrifices must be made'.
You’re approaching the end of a 15 year voyage transporting your colony to their new planet. There’s a problem though - your landing mechanism won’t work as your ship is too heavy! Jettison rooms to make your ship lighter, but choose wisely - some might lead to the destruction of your ship!

The Art Thief

For my Extended Project Qualification during my final year of Sixth Form, I tasked myself to design a videogame using Adobe Flash. It was my first time using the software, so the logic and artwork was quite crude.
Infiltrate the museum, steal the painting, and escape without being caught by the security guards!

Team Projects

Paper Pirates

In 2019, a few friends and I formed a games company, Iteration Games, as part of the Tranzfuser competition. Our entry to the competition was Paper Pirates: Ghost Ship - a social deduction mobile party game.

Cursed Sands

GGJ19: Memories

I worked as part of a team for the Global Game Jam 2019. We had 24 hours to create a game along the theme of 'What does family mean to you?'. We ended up making quite a sombre game where the player has to choose whether to keep warm by burning family possessions, or retain their memories and suffer the consequences.

Code Experiments

Fireworks and Constellations

Draw lines to connect stars in the sky. The more connections a star has, the brighter it shines. Double click to remove connections. Click the ground to launch fireworks.

Advent of Code 2019

My solutions for the coding puzzles in Advent of Code 2019.

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