Minecraft Mods

Many years ago when Minecraft was released, I found out about mods – unofficial addons you could add to the game that added new content. After playing with a few popular mods of the time, I really wanted to give it a go myself. I’m a big bird-lover so I really wanted to add my own custom birds into my world. Eight years later, and look where I am! 

All mods are coded using Java, textured using paint.NET and modelled using an unofficial Minecraft modelling program, Techne.

Exotic Birds [1.12.2]

Are you a bird-lover and fancy bringing that extra bit of realism to your Minecraft worlds? Exotic Birds adds in over 30 new bird mobs including woodpeckers, peafowl, flamingos and toucans. Each bird comes in a variety of different species totalling in over 100 unique birds!

Zoocraft Discoveries [1.12.2]

The Zoocrafting Discoveries mod is the official mod of the Zoocrafting server! This mod adds in many endangered creatures such as rhinos, camels, giraffes and dart frogs. Also features blocks and items such as tranquiliser darts, signposts, cookie bushes, thatch blocks and 14 new herbs and spices.

Paddle Boats [1.7.10]

A small novelty mod adding in new types of boats.

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